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We all have families and real life concerns.....but, every once in a while isn't it just fun to hang out with other adults and play Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, Shadowrun, Star Wars, etc? Hope you all are up to a little fantasy adventure.


I would like to take a moment to thank my friend and fellow DM/Player Majordeath of the Potomac "Middle Aged" D&D group in Woodbridge, VA. He allowed me to make my time away from the Pentagon both enjoyable and memorable through gaming. He is my D&D mentor and my "Buddy". If you ever find yourself in the Washington, DC area please look up this group.


Oviedo 'Middle Ages' D&D plans to form a core group of members who are mature folks, mostly in their 30s and 40s+, that meet regularly to play the Dungeons and Dragons V3.5 role-playing game.

We're in the Orlando Metro area with the ALPHA (sessions) being held at DM Johnny Powers house in Oviedo..... our other DMs pick locations for their games. Since we mostly play in the homes of our members it is important to be respectful to all present.

The style of play favors character role-playing, hacking and slashing, and character advancement through strategy/puzzle/diplomacy/combat/teamwork experience points (XP) and wealth. In the ALPHA GROUP we play only neutral or good characters to encourage cooperative, team play. We use the core rulebooks (DMG, PHB, MMs) v3.5 and others with the approval of the DM.

(We have five groups and will strive to form more depending upon interest. Johnny Powers manages the Wait Lists -- feel free to email him directly)


See the "calendar" link above for dates of our games once we have established interest in a session. All people are welcome and any skill level is not important! We hope to have couples who can play, but do not let inexperience prevent you from joining the group. Click the "Join" (upper right) or zap an email for a test-drive delve or to just lurk on the board.

Thanks for visiting! GET OUT AND HAVE SOME FUN !!!

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Charlie Group-WhiteWolf

Mike and Sue's House

Detroit is a place of contradictions; the perfect breeding ground for either the Weaver or the Wyrm. When a new player comes into town, the party will have to decide. Will Detroit be a place for glory or go down in flames?

Tabletop: Friday Board Game Night

Online event

This is an online event only! Tabletop returns on Discord-Steam/Tabletop Simulator! Please join the server here: https://discord.gg/cWAsSw **Cross-posted on Orlando Strategy and Euro Gamers** We meet every other Friday and play all sorts of modern hobby games, from Euros and dice chucking to Ameritrash and cooperative. Please come join us! Last time we played: Dixit, Exploding Kittens, Jackbox

Golf Group - Realms of Terrinoth (Genesys)

Online event

Currently looking for one more player to add to the fun! We’re playing Realms of Terrinoth (Genesys) by Fantasy Flight Games. The campaign includes elements of various play-styles like narrative, simulationist, and sandbox. All the materials needed to play are provided, you just need to bring your imagination and fun attitude. We'll play 12pm-4pm with a short break for a snack. It would be best to eat lunch before the game.

Bravo Group Campaign Continues

7955 Swordfish Ln

Group is now seeking one or two additional players, if interested, please contact the host. We were notified at the last session that 2 of our players would be leaving the group after our May 23, 2020 game due to real life. We are currently playing 5th Edition AD&D. We are currently playing via Discord and Roll20. RSVP's need to be sent prior to 9:00 pm the Friday before each session. If there are not at least 4 Yes responses (excluding me) by that time, then the game session will be cancelled. Bravo Group has a section on the website http://www.biasgames.com/ which is owned and operated by the host, Paul.

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Bravo Group Campaign Continues

7955 Swordfish Ln

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