What we're about

Oxford style debating on American soil. A motion (e.g American Intervention in the Middle East is Bad Foreign Policy) will be debated between two teams of two (or more if numbers allow.) One team seeks to carry the motion (affirmative) and one team opposes the motion (negative). A moderator, or the House if there is a quorum, will decide who wins. New topics are voted on by the group but final selection is left to the founder. Open to all levels of skill and experience!

Structure of Debate:

1. 7 Minute Opening Statement from each panelist

2. 30 Minutes for Questions and Challenges

3. 2 Minute Closing Statements

During the 7 minute or 2 minute statements other panelists are allowed the following:

1. Point of Information - This allows anyone who isn't speaking to question something the speaker says. The person asking simply says "Point of Information", the speaker has the right to take the question, not take the question and cut the questioner off.

During the 30 Minute Session all panelists are allowed the following privilege:

1. Point of Order - Simply say "Point of Order" if one feels that the conversation is getting out of hand.

Lastly, panelists can have 1 page (handwritten) of notes to reference. There can be a maximum of 5 statistics in the notes so the session doesn't turn into a 'stat dump'. There is no limit for paper used for writing once the session starts.

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