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We know there are engaged, informed people in Oxford who know about flooding and we think that technology can help the community to become more resilient to flooding.

* If you live in or near Oxford near a river, stream, ditch or place with poor drainage, or you want to do something about flooding in your area. Or if you know about technology such as the Internet of Things, arduinos and electronics, we'd love you to participate and help the community.

* We want to encourage engagement with flooding issues using technology and help communities create evidence for alleviation schemes and dialogue with agencies.

* We will have a couple of meetings to understand what people feel comfortable doing. This may be building or installing flood sensors or sharing skills and exchanging local knowledge about flooding. This builds towards members being able to install and operate flood monitoring sensors and tools themselves.

* As the group develops we hope the community will become better equipped to address their problems using new technology.

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