What we're about

Can we see the future? Apocalypse, Nirvana or something we can shape to our advantage?
This group is for people who are interested in the future and maybe want to help create it.

Accelerating technological advances will bring radical changes to all of us. Biological technologies like anti-aging, nanotech, genetics and health monitoring. New educational opportunities and methods. Computing, robotics, and geo-engineering are going to make the next few years very exciting - and possibly also very dangerous.

Oxford is uniquely placed to have a high level debate on this. Several departments of Oxford University are dedicated to understanding the future along with Oxford Martin, Said Business School and Oxford Brookes. But it is not just an academic debate. John Radcliffe Hospital is creating the future of Health. Google's Deepmind Project and others are pushing back the boundaries of what's possible. Oxford is the home of DataScience in the UK. And we are pushing the envelope of space exploration, nuclear research and nanotechnology.

Let's explore the possibilities and the ethical, technology and business implications together. Everyone is welcome - the future applies to us all!

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Futurist Summit

London Olympia

Are Crowds the best way to predict the future?

Oxford Centre for Innovation

What is a fair distribution of brains?


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