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This is a group for people interested in the geekier things in life. Hopefully it will be a place to meet new people with shared interests and meet ups could include games or films nights as well as discussions online about sci-fi or fantasy books or comic books. Interested?

Upcoming events (5+)

Captain Marvel : Cinema Trip

Curzon Oxford

A trip to see Captain Marvel, then afterwards to the pub to chat (ostensibly about the film). Exactly when and where will depend on the cinema times: it will be at a central Oxford Cinema, starting sometime between 18:00 and 19:30 so we have some time afterwards to go to a pub. More details nearer the time. Book your own ticket and post the seat numbers in the comments.

Non-seance (Morgan and West) : Magic Show

Burton Taylor Studio

From the website: Do you believe in ghosts? Morgan & West don't but why should that stop them? Spectacular spirits, creepy conjuring, and amazing apparitions abound and this pair of prestidigitators conduct their very own Non-Séance. Morgan & West will prove themselves not only to be the 19th century's greatest magical duo but also distinctly above average mediums. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- You'll need to book your own tickets, for £10, seating isn't allocated so we don't have to worry about booking together.

Puzzle Evening : "Zoo Theft"

The Mitre

A casual evening of solving puzzles together in a group/teams. It'll all be pretty relaxed and non-competitive, no need to worry that you aren't smart enough, there is enough variety that everyone should be able to contribute to something. We'll be using the "Zoo Theft" puzzle pack from here: http://www.puzzledpint.com/ (if you want to try any yourself I suggest Nov 2017 - May 2018, we've already done them). A flyer explaining what it's all about and with a few starter puzzles is here: http://www.puzzledpint.com/files/2614/6091/0863/What_is_Puzzled_Pint.pdf This isn't an official event though, so there is no puzzle to find the location of the pub we're in... it's The Mitre again.

Oxford Sci-Fi & Fantasy Writing Group Social Meetup

The Four Candles

Come chat with fellow writers about all things sci-fi and fantasy. Let us know what you're working on.

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