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Oxford Hackspace is Oxford’s oldest makerspace, a volunteer-run community workshop for people of all ages, backgrounds and interests. Website: oxhack.org (http://www.oxhack.org/).

We aim to help our members with all their making, crafting, inventing, repairing, repurposing, teaching and exploratory learning needs. Here we share space, knowledge, creativity, tools and good cheer on a best-effort, unhurried basis.

We support investigating the uses of tools, learning through play and provided training, experimentation, imagination and especially projects for the social good of the community. We run free or cheap teaching, technical and crafting workshops, and sustainability and the Right to Repair movement are close to the hearts of many of our members. Diversity, kindness, an unhurried and gentle atmosphere for all, and the development of supportive and cooperative relationships amongst our members are important to us. We have a social night open to all every Thursday night, and coworkers are also welcome to join the community.

The word “hack” in our name takes after a long tradition of spaces with similar names, and refers to “hack” in the sense of “hacksaw”, not computer hacking.

Over the years, our volunteers have put in many thousands of counted hours keeping the space open and providing tours, training, prototyping, mentoring and support for the citizens of Oxford, all for free, up to 363 days a year.

Here are just a few of the things our current members are into:

• Sewing, loomwork, knitting and crochet
• 3D printing in plastic
• Lasercutting
• Woodworking and metalworking
• Vehicle mechanics
• Papercraft and embossing
• Lamp design
• Electronics
• Microcontrollers
• Internet of Things
• Jewelry-making
• Software
• Home automation
• Amateur radio
• Silicone casting in moulds
• Multi-rotors (quadcopters, drones)
• Video game development
• Musical composition
• Home DIY
• Multirotors (quadcopters, drones)
• Virtual reality and augmented reality

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Open Night / Social Night

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