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Dedicated to Critical Thinking and Social Conversation, we promote Science, Modernism, Pluralism and Inclusiveness. Those nouns summarize the idea that communities might be most enlightened and successful if they move into modern times and rid themselves of xenophobia and exclusion of people because they are different -- because of their age, race, religion, gender, gender orientation, sexual orientation, ethnicity or any other normal differences we find among humans.

"The fates guide those who go willingly; those who do not, they drag." Seneca


Evelyn and I decided to start this group because we think that our community deserves a social group that represents reason instead of dogma. This is a new group, so at first we will meet each other and become acquainted as we explore and discuss Skepticism, Humanism, Agnosticism, and other alternatives to mainstream belief systems. Our group will focus on treating people with respect and understanding based on the concept that such behavior is based in ethics and not on religious imperatives. People who think that they may be Humanists or who wish to learn about the Humanistic lifestance are welcome. This is not a proselytizing group; ours is an open door for seekers.



A Happy 2017 New Year to Humanists and non-humanists alike.

From the Organizers of This Group: Dan and Evelyn Winslow and Frank McKay:

May earth, sun, moon and stars remind us of natural beauty, the wonder of our lives and our hopes for reason, love and optimism. Don't forget that usually we have to work hard to receive those three marvels and spread them around to others; but the joy is well worth it.

Remember the Really Important People: As we enjoy one another's company and conversation let us remember those who planted the crops, cultivated the fields, gathered the harvest, raised the animals and prepared our feast.

Check out our first Meeting of the Year on the home page here: DARWIN DAY, FEBRUARY 12!

Let us know how, where and when you might like to get together for meetings this coming year:

dan: seculardan@gmail.com

frank: frankmckay@oxfordhumanists.org


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