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After the success of our Meetup in London, we are looking to expand to Oxford. Do you assess long term investment opportunities by doing your fundamental research - studying financial statements, evaluating managements, learning from other smart investors? This group is to help us all build a solid portfolio of long term investments in the wake of increasing volatility in the markets.

We are happy for anyone to join this group, but it may be extremely beneficial to any of following:

1) Working adults looking to earn at least higher than inflation returns on their investment. 2) Retired people who are looking to not only earn higher returns on their savings but also enjoy investing in the markets.

3) Working moms and dads who would like to earn some additional income.

4) Finance students looking to improve their investing skills.

We've created content on the request of our members and here are top performing ones:

- The Ultimate Guide To Understanding The Stock Market (http://www.cityfalcon.com/blog/the-stock-market/the-ultimate-guide-to-understanding-the-stock-market/)

- Asset Allocation for Dummies – An Introduction to Portfolio Management (http://www.cityfalcon.com/blog/investing-for-newbies/asset-allocation-for-dummies-an-introduction-to-portfolio-management/)

- 5 Reasons Why I And Most People Have Lost Money In The Stock Markets (http://www.cityfalcon.com/blog/investments/5-reasons-why-i-and-most-people-have-lost-money-in-the-stock-markets/)

- Best Finance Videos, Articles and Books for Investors for Amateurs and Experts (http://www.cityfalcon.com/blog/investments/best-finance-videos-articles-and-books-for-investors-for-amateurs-and-experts/)

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Investing for Newbies Part I
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Hi All, We'll start with the 'Investing for Newbies' series which has been very successful in London. This will allow you to understand the basic concept of finance to be able to start discussing value stocks soon. This series is not theoretical, and we’ll go through live examples in the market. Here is the draft agenda: 1. Introduction to the group, and overview of the current state of the stock markets. 2. Discussion on the founding principles of investing covering the high level concepts of risks, diversifications, capital preservation, etc. 3. How to start with fundamental analysis - Macro, Sector, Country analysis 4. Basics of Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cashflow Statement (if we get the time) 5. Navigate through the key website for research - Google Finance, Yahoo Finance, Bloomberg.com, SeekingAlpha.com, Estimize.com Let me know if you have any questions / suggestions or would like to present at this or future meetups. Regards, Ruzbeh Bacha Founder and CEO CityFALCON (http://www.cityfalcon.com/) Mobile: +44 [masked]

Cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin Meetup - Bulls vs Bears, $100K vs $0

In 2018, we want to start our meet-ups in Oxford. The word on everyone’s mind today is Bitcoin, and so we’ll start with a discussion on whether Bitcoin goes to zero or $100K? We'll have a proper debate by considering all the key points raised including comparison to the tulip mania, dot-com crashes on the bear side to mass adoption, decentralisation and Blockchain on the bullish side. You can track more information about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies here - https://www.cityfalcon.com/watchlists?assets=Bitcoin,Ethereum,Ripple. I'm personally a bull on Blockchain but a bear on Bitcoin and most cryptocurrencies. Read my article on why Bitcoin could go to zero here - https://www.cityfalcon.com/blog/investments/bitcoin-price-will-drop-zero/. On the bullish side, here is an article that talks about why Bitcoin could hit $100K - https://www.cnbc.com/2017/05/31/bitcoin-price-forecast-hit-100000-in-10-years.html More details coming soon.

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