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All abilities are welcome!

I’m not an amazing musician myself as I am completely self-taught, so do not worry about whether you’re “good enough”, just come along and join a relaxed and friendly environment with people who love music.

Our meetup will be about learning from each other while getting to know other people interested in potentially playing music/jamming together. From time to time I will post some local gigs/concerts/music events & festivals for us to go together.

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Friendly Jam in Abingdon - All Abilities Welcome

The Royal British Legion

Acoustic Jam. Bring along your instruments for an acoustic jamming session at the Royal British Legion in Abingdon. There is plenty of parking available. Many thanks to Scott for arranging the venue for us. Please bring around £5-10 in cash in contribution to the venue cost and so you can get yourself some drinks/snacks if you want to. In the comments below, please suggest songs you'd like to jam to (though do not expect everyone will know them!)...people may want to learn the songs you suggest so there is an option of more "structured" jamming for anyone who prefers it. Hope to see you there!

Jamming Session at Warehouse Studios

Warehouse Studios


This is a friendly jamming session for musicians of all abilities, backgrounds and interests. So the jamming session can be as fun and as rewarding as possible, there does need to be a level of prescriptiveness so that people do not come to the sessions feeling lost and unable to join in, thus we expect all people who sign up to come to indicate what song they want to play and on what instrument. Please also indicate what instrument you are willing to play on other songs so that there aren't only one or two songs we can all play. David Cobb has kindly agreed to assist with organising and has a spreadsheet for attendees to indicate the songs they want to play and their instrument of choice. The spreadsheet is pretty self-explanatory, but if you need any further clarification then please do not hesitate to ask. If you find the spreadsheet too confusing, just comment below on what song you want to play and on which instrument. The cost of hiring the space is £41 in total and attendees will be expected to pay a contribution towards the cost as well as a small admin fee to cover my organiser subscription for the group, details are below. Any drummers will need to bring their own breakables, but I will bring a backup snare and cymbals just incase. I can play guitar, drums and bass should there be any slots empty in this regard - I'm not particularly amazing at either of them though so feel free to jump in, particularly on drums! A guitar amp and bass amp will also be available for people to use but feel free to bring your own. If you need to borrow any extra amps or other equipment then let me know and I will contact the venue. Hope to see you there!

Open Mic Night at the Tap Social

Tap Social Movement

I've heard great things about the Open Mic at the Tap Social with its very friendly and warm atmosphere. Feel free to get in touch with the venue in advance if you want to! If you would like some support for your Open Mic i.e. people to play with you, then post a comment on this event below or message each other so you can arrange some practice sessions. I'd be happy to play guitar or cajon for somebody if they would like me to. Sorry this is very late on, unfortunately I'm away in China with work for the event on November 10. If you would like me to post an event for this night then please let me know. Likewise, if there are other open-mics you would like me to post on here, feel free to PM me.

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Musicians Meetup - All Abilities Welcome!

The Jam factory

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