What we're about

We are a group of mature (in body, though not necessarily in mind) gamers keen to play some D&D 5th edition. Beginners most welcome, and people returning to the game after having played 1st or 2nd edition back in the day are very welcome.

Friendly, laid back style and emphasis on fun rather than rules-learning. Initially just looking to gauge interest levels. Over 18s only.

Don't be put off if there are only a few members - This group only started up in March 2019. Please feel free to join up, see what happens, stick around if you like it, leave if you don't. No pressure. We'll all be friends here!

When you join, you'll be asked a few basic questions so as the meetup group grows, we can match together like-minded players to form gaming groups. DMs are especially welcome, and that includes people who haven't DM'd before - I'm sure we can gather a group of friendly, helpful players to hand-hold you through your first of many DMing sessions.

Separate groups can organise their own meeting days and venues to suit the group members. There may be a charge associated to that group only to pay for a venue, but that will be agreed up-front with the group.

No other charges will be made EXCEPT that after the first 3 months, I would want to share the cost of this meetup group (approx £10 per month total) between all active players. I won't ask non-active players (i.e. those waiting to join a playing group) to chip in!

** Join the group, message me and introduce yourself! **

How this group works

Feel free to become a member, and just sit and lurk for a while if you wish – no pressure, no cost.

When a DM is ready to start up a campaign, or to invite new members to their existing group of players, they will create a “Call to Arms” meeting. IGNORE THE DATE OF THIS MEETING – it is just to get RSVPs from members interested in joining that particular group.

The Call to Arms meeting will contain the following:

- Group name: For new groups, the name will be created from the next available letter of the alphabet, by choosing a traditional D&D monster starting with that letter.

- DM name, bio & experience: A brief introduction to the DM, so you know who will be running the group.

- DM style: It is VERY important that the playing style of the DM matches the style you prefer to play (or would like to try!) so before responding, check that you will be comfortable playing in the described style

- Campaign intro & level: A brief description of the campaign to be played, with the levels of the characters at the start

- Players: The minimum and maximum number of players being looked for, and the level of experience desired

- Playing location and day: Where the game will take place, and on what day

- Cost: Any cost to players for joining. I will ask active players to contribute a small amount (less than £2.50 per month) to help pay for this Meetup group, but other groups may also need payment for a venue, and potentially for the DMs time

When enough people have RSVPd to the Call to Arms, the DM will create a closed “Session 0” physical meeting that those people who joined the Call to Arms can RSVP to. The Session 0 will be the first meeting of that particular group, and will kick off the campaign. At Session 0, player characters can be allocated/generated, venue and meeting dates firmed up, house rules explained etc. It may be the case that after a Session 0 meeting, some players may decide that campaign is not for them and drop out, where the Call to Arms can be re-opened and/or the campaign started with fewer players.

Further meetings for that group will be closed sessions, unless a player drops out, where a new Call to Arms may be created to invite new players to join that group.

Players may drop out at any time – there is no pressure – and non active players (i.e. not playing in any group) will not be asked for payment towards this Meetup group.

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