Games 2/8(Fri)---Kowloon Park---7pm-9pm---LI


7 people $60
7pm-8pm court 2
8pm-9pm court 7

3:遊戲已例明 羽毛球等級(ab,li,i 等等), 請按照自己所屬等級參與遊戲.
4:所參與之遊戲, 如你發現在埸人士不屬於該埸地之級別, 請不要直接發表意見, 請與Host: Nina/Coming 溝通.我們會作出評估.

如有違反, 一律blacklist. 如有問題請與Coming / Nina 聯絡

If you join my game for first time please send me your mobile no. to confirm your spot.
Tel:[masked] (Nina)

Please Whatsapp or message me through meetup as soon as possible if you can't come. ‧
We will be playing 21 points doubles match ‧

Strictly NO BEGINNER ‧
The event is not first come first serve, I will pick suitable players in order to balance the level of the game.
So if you are not on the attending list, please don't feel being offended, thanks for understanding ‧

Cancellation policy:
Cancellation deadline is 48 hours prior to the start time of the game. Cancellation past the deadline will be marked as no-show.

The no-show will permanently show up on you.

如有需要穿線服務,也可以與我們聯絡。 購買羽毛球物品亦有優惠。
If you want to Re-string your racket, you may contact us. Buying badminton gear also have discount.