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Damola 'D' Omotosho: Startup .NET: Stories From the Field!

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James S. and Rich C.


How do startups & their technology form? What is an MVP? What does it take to catapult from a seemingly unique idea or thought to having 80,000+ people and market cap of over 100 million?

It’s been 2 years since we last caught up with serial entrepreneur Damola 'D' Omotosho and boy oh boy has the startup and .NET world change. Join us at our next PADNUG as 'D' continues his Startup .NET series with "Stories from the Field"

Come listen and learn as Damola discusses his journey to entrepreneurship. The formula of How to Build a Million-dollar app and his experience building, working with and utilizing Xamarin, .NET & .NET Core to power some of the worlds up & coming startups!