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This is a group for anyone who is interested in volunteering with the PATC.

The Potomac Appalachian Trail Club (PATC) is a volunteer-based organization, headquartered in Vienna, Virginia and founded in 1927. PATC is one of 31 organizations that maintain the Appalachian Trail for the enjoyment of present and future hikers.

Through its 7,000+ members and volunteers, PATC builds and maintains 240 miles of the Appalachian Trail and over 800 miles of other trails in the Mid Atlantic Region, along with cabins, shelters, and hundreds of acres of conserved land.

PATC volunteers contribute tens of thousands of hours of volunteer service every year. Volunteers maintain trails, cabins, and shelters, teach Leave No Trace principles to hikers and backpackers, publish maps and guidebooks, and help manage a busy headquarters operation.

The club is always in need of enthusiastic volunteers!

Upcoming events (4+)

Bridge repair Bull Run Occoquan trail

Bull Run Marina

We will be repairing a wooden bridge along the trail close to Bull Run Marina. Work will include carrying in lumber and tools. Executing bridge repairs. Adjusting the bridges location with jacks, and carrying out all the debris and equipment.
The walk in to the site is a few hundred yards.
There generally are porta potties at the parking area.

To Bring:
· Gloves
· Work shoes. Slippers, flip flops, sandals, tennis shoes to not give your feet adequate protection.
· Water, electrolytes.
· Lunch/snacks
· Dress for the weather
· Sun screen, bug spray
· Hand sanitizer
I will provide hard hats and safety glass, the use of which is required.
I will provide tools, training, direction, and encouragement.
Location. We will be parking at the Bull Run Marina Lot, which is behind a locked gate on the North Side of Old Yates Ford Road. I should be there and have the gate open by 8:30.

Trail Maintainer Workshop: Prince William Forest Park, Triangle, VA

Prince William Forest Park, Turkey Run Education Center

The Spooky Beaver Trail Crew invites you to attend a hands-on trail maintainer workshop. This workshop is targeted at new or experienced trail maintainers who are already responsible to maintain a trail section or those who regularly volunteered with a trail crew. During the workshop, you'll learn the basic trail maintainer tasks and techniques to maintain a hiking path. Participants will learn how to:

  • Plan for and execute a safe trail maintainer outing
  • Assess and report on the condition of the hiking path
  • Build and maintain appropriate water control devices to steer water from the trail
  • Control vegetation from encroaching into the trail using hand and power tools
  • Paint distinctive blazes on trees

Wear hiking shoes and dress for the weather; bring a day pack, water (at least two quarts but more if hot weather), bug spray, trail lunch, safety glasses, work gloves, and any medications that might be needed (inhaler, epi pen, etc.). Safety glasses and work gloves available upon request.

All tools and equipment provided.

Meet at the visitor Center Parking Lot parking lot by 9:00 am. We typically work until 2:30 pm, but you can leave as you like.

Round Hill / Hillsboro A.T. Festival in The - Trail Talkers needed

Needs a location


Join us at new location and new name as we celebrate the Appalachian Trail at Round Hill / Hillsboro A.T. Festival in The Gap.

Round Hill AT Community has joined with Hillsboro community where we will celebrate the natural beauty of the A.T. and learn about protecting it by partnering with several different organizations (Appalachian Trail Conservancy, Potomac Appalachian Trail Club, Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy, Friends of the Blue Ridge, Virginia Master Naturalists) that will have displays about hiking, trail conservancy and more.

PATC will be a participating vendor at the Round Hill / Hillsboro A.T. Festival in The Gap and we are looking for 9-12 volunteers to help during the following shifts listed below: (We are hoping to have between 2-3 volunteers for each shift)

9:30-11:30 Help Setup
3:30-5:00 Help Take town

Volunteers will be asked to work at the PATC booth and promote the Club membership, literature, and ongoing activities within PATC. No worries if you have never been a Trail Talker Volunteer, we will be there to show you the ropes!

Please respond to this request or email me if you are willing to volunteer, with your requested time. I will need someone to head this event for me, as I will be on medical leave recovering from surgery!

Introduction to Trail Maintenance Workshop

Trimble Mountain Trailhead

Are you a trail user curious about trail construction and maintenance? Have you thought about volunteering for a trail crew event but would like to know a little bit more first? Are you a new maintainer and want additional hands on experience or discussion?

Come and join us! You’ll learn why trails are designed the way they are, the challenges they face, and basic skills of trail maintenance.

This is a hands on workshop. You will be carrying and using things like clippers, loppers, saws, shovels, picks, and other tools. After demonstrations, you will have the opportunity to practice typical trail maintenance tasks on short sections of trail. Equivalent in exertion to short periods of moderate yard work interspersed with short hikes and talks. We have fun! Really!

You do NOT need to be a PATC member to attend. Bring a friend!

All participants must be at least 18 years old.
No pets or other animals

Tool use
Types of trails and associated design parameters (e.g. wilderness, multiuse, grade, obstructions)
Water control (design, dips, bars, nicks, outslope, etc.)
Vegetation control (weeding, clipping, sawing, invasives)

MEETUP USE: The ATTEND button is an RSVP that helps in making plans for tools and trail work. Please do not click ATTEND unless you are actually planning to attend. Understandably, sometimes things come up that make it necessary to cancel. If that happens, please change your status to NOT GOING. Doing so automatically notifies the next person on the waitlist that a spot is available. THANK YOU!

George Washington National Forest 22 miles southwest of Harrisonburg, Virginia. Trimble Mountain Trail near Todd Lake in Augusta County. Search Google Maps for "Trimble Mountain Trailhead". There are no access or parking fees. Paved road access. Park in the gravel lot along the road. Do not park in or block the driveway.

Every workshop and trail crew starts with a safety talk. Then we’ll introduce typical trail tools and their use. Afterwards, we'll slowly carry our tools uphill along the trail no more than about two miles and 1100 feet of elevation. Along the way, we'll discuss the trail’s characteristics (both good and bad) and differences associated with wilderness, multi-use, forest, and park trails. We'll clip some vegetation in a responsible, sustainable way; improve and/or create some water control features; and practice small tree blowdown removal analyzing risks and cuts as we go. We’ll discuss procedures, placement, and types of blazes. The exact work will depend on the number of participants, their interests and experience level, and the weather. If you have particular interests, let me know.

You can contact me with questions using Meetup’s Event Chat (public), Meetup Message (private), or via my email address [masked].

Clothes appropriate for the weather including rain gear and something you would feel comfortable wearing doing yard work. Long pants and long sleeves.
Sturdy shoes with good tread and support. Hiking boots would be best.
Work gloves (I’ll have some spares you can borrow)
Sunscreen and Insect repellent.
Water, snacks, and lunch. We’ll stop somewhere on the trail midday for a quick lunch.
Toiletries for outdoor bathroom use should the need arise (e.g. TP, digging tool). There are no bathrooms or other facilities.
I will provide hard hats and safety glasses the use of which is required.

Widely varying weather conditions. Check the forecast. Make sure you have plenty of water if its hot!
You will be carrying and using sharp, heavy tools on uneven ground that may be wet and slippery in places.
The land drops off steeply to the side of the trail in some places.
This is a multiuse trail which means we may encounter fast traveling bicycles.
Do not attend if you feel unwell, have symptoms associated with COVID-19, or have reason to believe you have been exposed to COVID-19.

Basic Trail Maintenance - Georgia ATC (some local practices and terminology differ)
What they call a rolling grade dip we call a grade reversal (a trail design that eliminates long downhill runs of water).
What they call an earthen waterbar we call a rolling grade dip (an added structure to control water erosion on a trail with a downhill run of water ).
What they call checksteps, we call checkdams.

Past events (614)

Bluemont AT Desgination- Trail Talker Needed

Bears Den

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