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Pathfinder Homebrew Campaign: Hell Hath No Fury

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A months time (AND TWO WEEKS) has past since a powerful evil force was unleashed upon the world. Unaware adventurers from all corners of the world have gathered to remedy a more immediate threat that plagues the streets of the port city of Miriv. An unseen horror roams the night and a large bounty has caught the attention of even the more cautious adventurers. Can our hero's solve the mystery and survive!?

*** Not a pathfinder Society game module ***
This is going to be an on going adventure using the pathfinder rule set.
This game will be ran every other Tuesday or one Tuesday a month depending of real life events at 6pm
starting level is 1
stats are a 20 point buy
All classes are allowed with the exception of monk
Normal races are preferred (will make an exception provided with good reason)
I will allow an additional feat to be taken at first level provided that they accept and role-play with a character flaw chosen at random. (I have a pre-selected pool of 20 flaws)