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Welcome to what will soon be the most fun group of South Florida! You do not HAVE to already be Polyamorous to join this group, but you must respect it and have somewhat of an interest or not get offended by alternative lifestyles. We welcome most people, but we try to limit it to people with similar interests... We like to stay in the 20 - 49 year-old age range, but we are flexible.

We also try our best to keep a good mixture of Men and Women (no offense if you identify as something different) You are welcome too! This is a judge-free group after all.

You will fit in with us if you match one of the following types of people below:

• Poly Couples

• Couples in an Open Relationship

• Singles either in or interested in Poly/Open Relationships or just lifestyle friends

• Poly Groups

• Open-minded Person seeking other Poly or Open Friends

• Other Forms of Alternative Lifestyle People

• Friends first attitude! We hang out, we drink, we party, we do stuff around town, concerts, movies, and more

• Just a regular judge-free, open-minded person looking to meet a fun group of people

We are all here to mingle and/or date but the main focus should be to make friends that think like us!

This group is also for anyone just interested in being or learning about Poly or Open Relationships, so singles ARE welcome even if you have no experience! You can even just be friends with some really fun people if you happen to see one of our events. Most of our meetups are just normal going out and having drinks. I started this group because there was a gap in the area for it.

Important note: Do NOT message any members without having first met them. If you are found harassing any of our members or messaging people you don't know to request "dating them" we will be forced to kick you from the group. This is NOT a group for people trying to get another "notch in the bedpost" or "victory". Get to know each other first. Sorry I HAVE to say this. This is also not a group for jealous people either, our members are very open, even if in a relationship, so expect to be approached or asked out or more by other people. We do all believe in loving more than one after all... but that DOES come with its limits. There are many forms of Poly so please respect each other. :) and if someone is experiencing something negative in the group or unwanted advances. Come to me first, do not call them out to the whole group. I will handle it discreetly and remove them if I must.

All that being said, we're really here to all have fun as friends, everything else is really just a bonus in life. If you have that mentality, you'll have a great time here with us!

I tend to be blunt, but honest, so no offense please, this is to everyone and not any one person in particular. :)

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