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PBN Backlinks SEO Talk is a meetup created for the SEO's who know the best way to rank is using PBN's.

Using a private blog network can be very beneficial to your rankings in the Google Serps.

If you are an SEO who believes that adding both PBN links and Social Signals in a drip feed fashion then you are in the right place.

Now, why did I say "drip feed" and "Social Signals" as well?

Well for the drip feed backlinks, you have to think about it like this... Let's say your site got 30 PBN links one day, then no more links for a whole two weeks. Then, your site randomly gets another 50 all in one day and so on... Now, i'm not Google, but to me that would look a little weird wouldn't you say?

On the other hand, having drip feed Social Signals is the best way to look natural is to show that your site has a reason to be getting the drip feed backlinks that it has. Keep in mind that drip feed Social Signals are more a "trust" building factor, than a ranking factor.

So again, if you are an SEO nerd who loves talking about keeping your SEO looking natural, then come join our Meetup's today!

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