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The PDCA is a Non-Profit Organization formed in 1884 by a group of painting contractors, specifically to address industry issues. Today, the PDCA exists to assist the professional and licensed painting contractors, suppliers and paint manufacturers by providing quality programs, services and opportunities essential to the success of its membership. PDCA members participate at a National, Council and Chapter level. At the national level you will have access to Industry Standards and industry specific publications and the national PDCA website. PDCA promotes education through Contractor College and the PDCA Accreditation Program. PDCA also protects the interests of contractors through representation at the local, state and federal level.

When you become a member of the Local Chapter, you will be a member of the PDCA at two different levels. As a chapter member you’re invited to attend chapter dinner meetings with informative speakers discussing the issues that affect your business today. These meetings also give you an opportunity to learn from the leaders in your industry. You will also be a member of the North East Council PDCA. The North East Council offers a yearly conference, educational seminars, workshops and leadership training and produces a quarterly magazine. These levels of the PDCA are a resource for industry publications on business management, technical information, health and safety software, employee training and recognized paint industry standards.

PDCA Members & Their Customers
PDCA members have an obligation to the public to conduct our individual operations according to the highest professional standards, to faithfully fulfill all contracts and to develop through continual study the highest degree of technical knowledge of our industry. Check out "findapainter.com" for a list of PDCA members with links to their websites or email.
Members of the PDCA are the professional painting, decorating, wallcovering and faux finish contractors in the area. All members are licensed and insured. When you have a job to do, hire only the best - a PDCA contractor. PDCA Membership for the Professional Painting Contractor
Whether you are a large or small company, open shop or union, PDCA fits into the pattern of a successful business operation just as do the services of a banker or a lawyer. PDCA offers contractors the opportunity to expand their business, special group discounts on insurances, and the opportunity to meet with other contractors that are committed to the painting industry.

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