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ProjectConnect: Launch Party and Fundraiser

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ProjectConnect: Launch Party & Fundraiser

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To all Podcasters, Poets, Developers, Designers, Freelancers, Entertainers, Entrepreneurs, Educators, Investors, Innovators, Engineers, Garage Tinkerers, Artists, Writers, Filmmakers, Musicians, Tailors, Jewelers, and Makers and Creatives of any and every kind,

Join us, for the official unveiling of:

Project Connect: a community-centric platform providing art and technology creatives with events, resources, and networking opportunities that will enable them to turn their skills and passions into completed projects and sustainable careers.

In association with Curious Apes, the Creative Networking Socials group is incredibly excited to launch this new organization and event series that’s been months in the making to ensure this Meetup group came back strong. At the launch, we’ll be announcing all the juicy details about our upcoming, regularly-occurring events, which include "Project & Skill Pitch Sessions", "Collaboration & Brainstorm Jams", and our personal favorites: the "Project Showcases" and "Hackathons"—where we’ll be working with businesses and governmental agencies to solve problems with innovative and funded solutions.

Presentations and Interactive Experiences:

To give you a taste of the type of collaborations, project pitches, and showcases that we’ll be cultivating and hosting indefinitely from this point forward, we have gathered together a wonderful list of presenters and interactive experiences for you to enjoy at the launch party when not socializing, including:

Fashion extraordinaire, Nicole Flood, who will be showing off a bit of her incredible work and recruiting members of the community interested in working with her.

Ezra Sandzer-Bell who will be bringing by his Procyon Mind Machine—an A/V headset that makes you feel like you’re on a psychedelic journey within seconds of using it. He’ll also be presenting and recruiting for an exciting new project he’s working on that uses wildlife sensors in Africa to feed real-time data to an art-installation.

Travis Abels will be bringing by his Curious Ear project, a two-piece art installation that captures stories in one location and provides them in another through beautiful, 7-feet tall sculptures with integrated digital tech.

Pending confirmation, we’ll also be expecting a comic book artist to showcase and recruit for one of her projects, as well as a virtual reality animator who will be bringing by one of his latest creations for you to immerse yourself in.

We’ll also have a MindWave EEG headset for you to test your brain-control with meditation/focus games that track and show your brainwaves in real-time.

Fundraising and Raffle:

[[You can donate online now if it's easier than doing so at the event: ]]

So what are we fundraising?

The goal of the launch party is to help ProjectConnect officially get non-profit status, cover operating funds for ongoing event hosting, and to give us the momentum necessary to provide our members with equipment and project funding. Details below…

Overhead Costs: Meetup fees, venue space and event insurance, liquor licensing, staffing, etc.

Non-Profit Status: The fees for filing our 501c.3 paperwork to get ProjectConnect recognized as an official non-profit in the state of Oregon. This will empower us to really turn this into something special by allowing us to apply for grants from the city and state, thus providing the capital necessary to continue to hold these wonderful events as well as buy equipment and fund your creative projects, as explained below:

Equipment for experimentation, usage, and rental: A % of all funds raised will be spent purchasing equipment that our members will be able to experiment with and use at events to gain inspiration or complete projects; in addition, our members will also be able to rent the gear for off-site usage (this includes projectors, 360 cameras, wacom tablets, portable green screens, podcasting equipment, and more).

Funding for your projects: We’ll also be setting aside a % of all the money we raise to help fund projects proposed and voted on by you, the members of our community—a perfect opportunity to get that short film made or to launch that new app you’ve been working on, etc.


We’ll be announcing our fundraising raffle prizes shortly.


Lastly, a huge thanks to NXT Industries Lab ( for supporting and hosting us in their beautiful coworking space!