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Monthly Talk Night: Interactive Visualization with Scott Murray

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Scott Murray ( is a designer, creative coder, and artist who writes software to create data visualizations and other interactive phenomena. Scott is in the Learning Group at O’Reilly Media, authored the O’Reilly title Interactive Data Visualization for the Web, and has presented two video courses on D3.


By employing interactivity effectively, you can engage readers and empower them to explore your data. Interactivity shifts the focus from number-pushing to relationship-building, so you get to tell your story while collecting input from readers. We’ll explore some of the most exciting examples of interactive, data-driven storytelling online today and introduce several techniques and considerations critical to effective interaction.

Learning Objectives

• Understand the value of adding interactivity to data visualizations.

• Discover common design patterns for successful interactive data exploration.

• Become familiar with several examples of successful, interactive data visualizations that can inspire future projects.


5:30 - 6 | Networking, food & drink

6 - 6:30 | Talk

6:30 on | Q&A and/or more informal conversation!
235 Northwest Park Avenue · Portland, OR
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