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A Gaymer is anyone in the LGBTQA Alliance who wants to get their geek on! Our meetups are open to everyone. Let’s play games! The games we play depend on the players who bring them. All levels of experience are welcome! If you want to play tabletop games like Catan or Ticket to Ride, video games like Smash Bros or Call of Duty, or anything in between, come join us! Special events for new and extraordinary games are encouraged. If you have an idea for an event, whether it be board games, LAN parties, or bar crawls, let Will Johnson or any of the other leaders know and we will help direct you.

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Board Game Night at the Lucky Lab

Lucky Lab

Join us at the Lucky Lab for a night of board gaming! There will be games to play, but you are welcome to bring your own. Play new games! Play old favorites! Make friends!

Board Game Afternoon at Noon plus (Game Knight Lounge) - GAYmers

If this is your first time, please read the following all the way through to the end. Some first timers said they couldn't find us when they could have if they had just asked the management. Thanks! Save your lunch hunger until you get to this place. Wow! Good food choices and cute menu items like Catanwich and Dice Bowls. They have a range of items from meat to Vegan! JOINT EVENT with my group: PDX Middleweight Games. Look for us toward the back tables. Ask for Byron's groups if you don't see us. No need to bring your own games! They have a wall full of games from which to choose. See the Library below along with the menu. Another Meetup group which I lead called PDX Middleweight Games will be there at the same time. (So don't worry if this one only shows 2 or 3 RSVPs - An RSVP would encourage more Gaymers to also RSVP.) Wow, this is going to be fun! I want be worn out from a lot of Catan, Ticket to Ride, Splendor, or whatever! We generally are at the tables toward the back. I wear suspenders! If you can't seem to find me, Please ask for where Byron's groups are sitting. The establishment charges $5 admission. I'll pay your first couple of times, if you wish, so you don't have to worry about whether you'll enjoy playing board games. If you come frequently, you can get a 10 visit punch card which brings the cost to $3 per visit. Please remember to use the RSVP and don't worry if there are not that many on the RSVP. Some regulars forget and this is an event at the same time as my other group called PDX Middleweight Games, so other people in our groups will be there. Altogether we have at least 8, often 12 to 16 attending, with a record number of players so far at 20. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We play at Game Knight Lounge on N Williams. They open at Noon on Saturday. We usually play to at least 4pm and some of us stay to after 5pm. They have a library of over 450 games to choose from plus food and drinks! You can find their library here ---> http://pdxgameknight.com/library/ You can find their menu here ---> http://pdxgameknight.com/menu/ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Byron Windhorst

Clothing Optional Gaming (Bare as you Dare) All Genders and LGBTQ+ Welcome!

The TL;DR Clothing optional game night! All genders and identities welcome. Details: Clothing optional gaming is an event that celebrates the human body and our love for board games and videogames. Please check the board game list to see what’s available: https://bit.ly/2YoDzM7 Welcome to bring your own games, too! There are two Switch docks if you would like to bring your Switch. Structure: Welcome to arrive later than the start time if needed. Boundaries and expectations will be covered for all attendees. This is intended to be a social event and not a “dating” event. Please be true to your RSVP and adjust if you think you will not be attending, so those on the waitlist can attend. Cost: Suggested donation is $5 to help cover costs of hosting the event and to support Portland Gaymers. If your income does not allow you to donate, please come anyway and pick a game to play. Food and Drink: Game friendly snacks will be available. Welcome to bring your own, and please consider game-friendly snacks (nothing with oils please). This is a sober event, please arrive sober. The residence is a non-smoking property, therefore no smoking will be permitted (this includes vaping and marijuana). Your Host: Chris has been a board gamer for many years and still learning the rules to more. Chris also embraces body positivity and social nudity.

Board Game Night at Guardian Games

Guardian Games

Join us for an evening of gaming at Guardian Games! Bring your games or borrow one from the store. All experience levels are welcome. Refreshments are available for sale at the store and there is a food cart outside.

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