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Every month for the next few months we'll be having project/hack nights at Urban Airship ( paired with PDXPython's Project Night ( This is mainly due to discovering how many people are actually interested in Go social hacking. If numbers are steady and large enough, I'll try to organize our own space, however I know not all Gophers are interested in hack nights, so until the numbers are repeatedly high enough to warrant our own space, PDXPython is happy to host us!

All skill and interest levels welcome! If you have questions on a project or part of the GoTour feel free to bring them, there will probably be someone who can help!

Logistics: Follow the PDXPython signs to Urban Airship's comfy lounge, we will be towards the back of the room, look for the PDXGO signs and a Gopher plushie. I'll try and arrange some circular seating for people to convene around.

As for etiquette, it's necessary to note that this is PDXPython's hack night, so please respect the Pythonistas and their Code of Conduct ( nice, don't be a jerk) and everything will be great. :)

Let me know if you have questions, comments, suggestions. -> [@joshropppo, joshroppo [at] , @pdxgolang]