Discussion and Talk Night

Public group

Esri R&D Center Portland

309 SW 6th Ave., Suite 600 · Portland, OR

How to find us

If no one is waiting at the door there will be a sign with instructions on who to contact.

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Gather with fellow Gophers for an evening of Talks and discussion around Golang! All experience levels welcome!


Hang out and chat with other Gophers until about 6:30

Bring your questions and ask the whole group in an open discussion format!


This month we'll have guest speaker Ian Smith (https://github.com/iansmith) of Igneous Systems talking about Seven5 (https://github.com/seven5/seven5): an opinionated, stiff web framework for go on the server and client.

Seven5 is interesting to both Go developers and Javascript developers because it takes the unique position of adopting Go as the language for both the client and server side of a modern web application. The key aspects that I’ll cover in this talk:

* How does the compilation of a Go client-side program work

* How to use Seven5 to expose a rest service (server-side)

* How to use Seven5’s Ajax support to consume a rest service (client side). Think channels!

* How to use Seven5’s attributes and constraints to make dynamic feedback in the browser. No callback spaghetti!

* How to use Seven5’s tree construction tools to build complex web displays on the fly.

Ian would love to have Javascript experts in attendance to point out areas where the tool could be improved by piggy-backing on existing Javascript libraries. But be warned: You may leave a convert to static typing…

Ian Smith currently bangs on the home row keys (aoeu, htns) at Igneous Systems. He seems to alternate between loudly complaining about the quality of the coffee and loudly complaining about the quality of web tools available to him. Prior to his current loitering he has worked at numerous startups in the Bay area, Seattle, and Paris France. In the long distant days of the twentieth century he killed time at Xerox PARC and slept in the terminal rooms at Georgia Tech. He may, in fact, have no qualifications whatsoever.

Continue discussion over beers at Baileys!

Thanks to Culture Foundry for continuing to provide Pizza and refreshments!

Thanks to Esri R&D for hosting us once again!