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What we’re about

Pack Walks combine exercise, socializing, training, and bonding for both humans and their faithful companions. Join us for DOG-FRIENDLY hikes, walks, social gatherings, and special events in and around the Portland, Oregon metro area. 
We're looking forward to meeting all our new pack-mates, four- and two-legged alike! If you love your dog(s) and the outdoors, this is the group for you. Owners must follow leash and waste laws, dogs must be properly vaccinated and tagged. Excitement is understandable with your dog(s), and we will help your dog learn to socialize, however please refrain from allowing aggressive - biting, fighting - behavior.

Pack members must be fully vaccinated against Covid-19. Members should be prepared to show your vaccine card at every event you attend. Failure to comply with this rule or misrepresentation of your vaccination status will result in immediate and permanent expulsion from the group.

Chip and others we are close to are a high-risk individuals and we aim to protect our loved ones, families, and friends. As a private group, we reserve the right to deny or revoke membership at any time.

Who is welcome? Everyone, and every dog is welcome.
My dog is learning social skills, can she come? Yes. Group walks can help your dog learn to socialize as they bond over common goals and release anxiety through exercise. The group is very understanding, and will give your dog all the space she/he needs.
There are shy dogs and very friendly dogs in the group. Our founding dog is an aussie, and he liked to bark to tell us what's happening. Other dogs hang out at the edge of the group and wonder what the fuss is about. Once walking though, all the dogs like to bump shoulders and sniff around together.
What kinds of dogs come? All kinds of dogs and humans enjoy the walks - everything from big, poofy Bernese mountain dogs to little, poofy Pomeranians.
What sorts of events do you host? We strive to create a variety of events that you and your dog can enjoy together! Generally, there are four types of events, and you can check out our upcoming events for more specific details.
Pack Walks: fun, social, outdoor walks with our dogs between 2-4 miles, in and around the Portland OR metro area. The monthly walk is scheduled the first Saturday, at 10:00, with changing locations.
Adventure Hikes: exciting hikes for active dogs and their humans, between 8 and 12 miles, held throughout Northwest Oregon. Adventure Hikes are scheduled on the third Saturday of every other month.
Pack Socials: entertaining social gatherings where you can bring your dog! "Paws and Brews" events are held at various dog-friendly restaurant patios throughout the city on the third Tuesday of the month. 
Special Events: unique ways to celebrate life with your dog with other great dog owners. We host campouts and backpacking trips, along with all sorts of community events like Bark in the Park and the OHS Doggie Dash!