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Montly PUG Meetup - Mark Johnson
Title: CICD for PowerShell modules Description: PowerShell modules are a great way to bundle and deliver functionality to endpoints. In this talk, it will be shown how we can treat PowerShell as a first-class development tool. We will walk through how to quickly create new modules and create tests for the module functions. We will also discuss how to leverage Azure DevOps to build the module, run tests, package it, publish it to the PowerShell Gallery, and finally install the module. Using this development pattern will allow you to make changes quicker and more reliably. Bio: Mark Johnson is a Solutions Architect at Axian, Inc. who implements end-to-end software solutions that include a diverse set of technologies and patterns. He believes that solid DevOps practices are a necessary part of every software development project. He has been leveraging PowerShell in his DevOps solutions since its inception and continues to use it almost every day. Mark has been married to his wife for five years and has a four-year-old son and a one-year old daughter. YouTube Stream Link:


1510 SE Water Ave · Portland, OR