What we're about

Need ya help!

Objective - Make Portland, Oregon the startup capital of the world. Kiss it San Francisco!

Why the hell am I starting this meetup? Because there are are too few resources that enable startups/entrepreneurs to validate their ideas in the early stages of their business and they need "your" feedback. Validating an early stage startups idea is a pain in the ass and because it's a pain in the ass it hinders a startups ability to gain traction sooner which means great ideas sit idle for far too long. Lets rally.

Our goal - to connect community members with organically grown entrepreneurs who are testing new products and services.

What we will do? Go on hikes together. Grab coffee together, Grab a drink together, Eat together. The sky is the limit...and even then.

What's in it for you?

Free coffee.
Good times.
Great Conversation.
New Friends.
Free Beer.
Employment connections.
First to demo new products and services.

Come on Portlandia!

Cheers -

Past events (3)

Meet and Greet - East Side of Town

Laurelhurst Park

Meet and Greet - West Side of Town

Ava Roasteria

Meet and Greet - East Side of Town

Laurelhurst Park

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