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UPDATED 3/30/2018:

Are you are 40-ish+ years old? Are you single? Are you a foodie? Do you enjoy trying new restaurants with a group of fun people? Do you have a list of favorite restaurants that you want to try, but being single has stopped you? If you answered yes to any (or all) of the above, you should join this group!
The plan: meet at least once a month (preferably twice, but let's be realistic folks) at one of the many fabulous restaurants located in the Portland Metro Area for some Delectable Drinks + Magnificent Meals + Fun Friends . A great formula for an Enticing Evening!!
Hope you can join this Culinary Club.

Similar “Supper Club” Meetup groups have failed due to 2 things, that I hope will not affect this group.

A. Lack of member involvement.

B. Problems of No-Shows—especially at restaurants with set reservations and at events that have limited availability.

Please note the "house rules" below (these will be updated as issues arise and comments are made); if these are confusing, please send me a message and I will try to help clarify.

1. This is a group for those close to/over 40 AND single. Please be both! Since your membership must be approved by the leadership team/organizer, your profile should reflect that you are 40-ish+, single, and MUST include a clear and somewhat current photo of yourself . Membership requests that do not meet these 3 requirements will not be approved for membership. These rules apply to everyone applying for membership. Please note that this is not particularly a "dating group". It is more a group for singles who want to hang out with similar people and enjoy some great conversation while enjoying a delicious meal. We all have to eat; why eat alone?

2. People with strict food and/or beverage restrictions/issues/allergies/concerns might not find much value in this group. The plan is to visit notable restaurants around the city. If you have special dietary needs you may not find that these places meet your needs--I don't want to offend anyone, but also don't want someone to feel left out.

3. There is a $12 annual membership fee to belong to this group effective March 15, 2020. This fee is to help pay for the costs associated with having this group on the Meetup portal. Once you join this group you will have 3 months to attend your first event (trial period). If you fail to attend an event within that time period and do not pay your dues, the organizer reserves the right to cancel your membership once your trial period has ended. The goal is to have active members.

4. All events are non-hosted. It is expected that a 20% gratuity will be applied to all restaurant bills.

5. There will be a zero tolerance policy for any behavior deemed rude or disrespectful. Any member found to be causing grief to other people will be politely asked to leave (without a refund of their annual membership).

6. Membership enrollment by gender may be suspended in order to equalize the men/women ratio. Also, the plan is to keep to cap the group at less than 100; the goal is have more active members than a huge roster of people who you very rarely see. If you have "applied" and have not heard back within 2 weeks it could either be due the ratio or the overall group size. Please feel free to message the organizer requesting a membership status update.

6a. AS OF 3/6/2020: Membership has been temporarily suspended due to size and gender ratio. You are still welcome to apply, but it may take over 2 weeks. Spots will open up as members leave/fail to pay their annual dues.

7. These rules are subject to change and will be updated based on feedback from members.

8. In addition to the $12 annual membership fee, members are subject to a late cancellation fee/no show fee as described if they fail to provide adequate notice for a change in their RSVP status and/or fail to show up at an event for which they were confirmed. This is explained in detail once in the members-only section.

9. Be happy, positive, and flexible! Enjoy food!

We are a very active group, filled with fun food-loving people from all walks of life. So why not apply to become part of it?!


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