PDX Video Tech 2019 (2)

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Join us July 25th at Alchemy Code Lab. Two great speakers lined up.
Working on getting some beer / food at this meetup! Small group so far so please join us if you can and - RSPV yes or no.

No pre-charge (this time) All donations will be welcome.

Please contact Dan at [masked] for sponsorship opportunities.
Speaker 1:
Al She, Principal Software Engineer at Cinnafilm, Inc.

Models of Human Visual Perception

An introduction to selected mathematical models that quantify low-level mechanisms in human vision including color response, dynamic range, and contrast sensitivity. We’ll show an example of how to use contrast sensitivity functions (CSFs) to determine optimal viewing distance ranges, and how CSFs relate to lossy image and video compression algorithms.
Speaker 2:
Jonathan Perry Solutions Architect - Bitmovin

Transitioning to Multi-codec Streaming

Overview of how multi-codec streaming fits in the world today, and the challenges and decisions to make to get there