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Portland, OR

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Oct 16, 2014

How old are your children? Birthdate?

6 (9/26/08) and 4 (1/19/11).

What neighborhood of Portland do you live in? (be specific)

I live in SE Portland, specifically in the Hazelwood neighborhood, but we tend to hang out all over the place.

What is your current work situation? (at-home dad, work from home, freelance, employed FT or PT, etc.)

I'm a full-time at-home dad, as well as being freelance writer and artist. I blog at Daddy Doctrines ( and just released my children's book "Sometimes You Need a Jellyfish" (

How did you learn about the PDX Dads Group?

It was sort of my idea, I guess.

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Hi PDX Dads! So glad to have this rolling, finally. Looking forward to getting to know you all better!