Hands-On Machine Learning with DeepLearning4j


Join Tom Hanley (http://engineering.skymind.io/author/tom-hanlon) from Skymind for an interactive tour through DeepLearning4j (DL4J), an open source, distributed, deep learning library for Java. Skymind is the creator and the primary commmercial supporter for DL4J.

To the uninitiated, deep learning can be indistinguishable from magic and in this talk you'll get a chance to see what its all about. Deep learning offers powerful techniques for building predictive models and creating value from large datasets in domains such as manufacturing, finance, advertising, and healthcare. Deep learning models have achieved near or better than human performance in machine translation, speech recognition, and image classification and recently beat the world’s best human Go players.

This presentation will focus on machine learning basics and showing how to setup a development environment so you can run some of the canonical neurel network applications like image classification and text analysis with DL4J.

To get the most out of this presentation, read through the brief https://deeplearning4j.org/quickstart tutorial so you can follow along with coding examples.