Learn how to modernize applications with Apache Geode, Cloud Foundry, and Spring

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Portland Java User Group (PDX JUG)
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Go to the 3rd floor and enter the eBay office through the single door and turn right.

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Microservices are all the hype and engineering efforts have shifted to refactoring monoliths into smaller, independent and composable services. Of course, this allows individual components of the application/system architecture to be independently scaled, owned and operated. But, what about your data?

Building highly available, consistent and complex transactional/analytical applications at scale, that continue to perform as demand increases is challenging. Additionally, resigning a once, strongly consistent, ACID-compliant application backed by a DBMS into an eventually consistent architecture is unacceptable for many of the legacy systems still in use today. However, you cannot afford to keep relying on the same monolithic data architectures constituting a single point of failure and continue to supply your demand. In this meeting you will learn how existing applications can be modernized for the cloud by employing cloud-ready data management technologies, such as Apache Geode, which was built from the ground up on distributed, horizontally scalable (scale-out), shared-nothing architectural principles. When combined with the power of Spring running on Cloud Foundry, you have a recipe for protecting your existing investment while enabling you to leverage cloud-native design patterns that will move you towards the future.