Building service gateways with Netflix Zuul


Do you have a need to slowly migrate your traffic from a legacy application to a shiny new set of micro-services? Do you have a need to handle common cross-cutting concerns like security in all your microservices?

Do you have a need to throttle requests to services?

Do you have a need to add any custom headers, enhance payloads to your requests?

Do you have to dynamically route to different backend services based on URI or other parameters?

If so you need a Gateway to your services that provide these features. Netflix Zuul is a well-known gateway that you may be familiar with. This presentation will introduce Spring Cloud Gateway that provides gateway pattern which provides a few great advantages on top of Netflix Zuul:

1. It uses a non-blocking IO for the downstream calls by building on top of Netty a NIO library for Java 2. It provides a great programming model to configure routing logic, filters - it provides a Java and Kotlin based DSL and also a way to configure via plain property files.

3. It is built on top of Spring 5 and Reactor 3 libraries, thus providing a reactive programming model About Biju Kunjummen:
Biju is a Solutions Architect with Pivotal’s Application transformation team and works with Pivotal Customers in refactoring and modernizing their legacy applications. He blogs at­ and his twitter handle is bijukunjummen