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1) Reactions to Amazon Corretto. 2) Serverless Database, FaunaDB.

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This meeting will have two parts. Ian Downard will begin with a short talk about an OpenJDK distribution from Amazon called Corretto. Then Chris Anderson from FaunaDB will talk about the principles of serverless databases and tradeoffs in guaranteed consistency and global replication.

# TITLE: Reactions to the latest OpenJDK, Amazon Corretto
# SPEAKER: Ian Downard
The latest Java distribution to be released into the world has come from Amazon in the form of an OpenJDK distribution they call Corretto. This exciting news has many Java enthusiasts wondering what they should consider when evaluating JDKs for building and running Java software. In this very short presentation, Ian will summarize the history and principles of OpenJDK so that we can better understand how Corretto delivers on the expectation that it be secure, stable, and free.

# TITLE: Design Patterns for Serverless Databases
# SPEAKER: Chris Anderson
Over the past decade, application developers have discovered that it is extremely difficult to build bug-free applications over database systems that do not guarantee consistency. In recent articles, Prof. Daniel Abadi went into deep technical detail comparing Google Spanner and Calvin, the two major approaches to guaranteeing consistency in geo-replicated database systems - global consensus vs partitioned consensus. FaunaDB’s architecture does not experience the latency cost of delaying transactions by clock skew uncertainty, a cost that is present in many other consistent database systems. In this talk I'll show how deterministic transaction resolution means FaunaDB only needs one round of consensus. You'll learn how consistency is managed in FaunaDB and analyze its architectural advantages over Google Spanner and Spanner derivatives such as CockroachDB.
Chris is a cofounder of Couchbase and architect of Couchbase Mobile. He holds a bachelor’s degree in philosophy from Reed College, and is an O'Reilly technical book author. He leads Fauna's developer community.