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LETS DO A DEC/JAN Online Meet. I would like to do one of these a month. If you would too, and would be able to help organize this or just want to attend, EMAIL ME. We need your help, here's looking at you Kiki, and anyone else who knows a lot of Gamers who think an Online "LAN" Meetup like this would be cool. If you want to get this going it will need to be at least somewhat organized and then I can get some real support from my cohorts at Riot, and Etc. Anyway, FIRST STEP IS EMAIL ME IF YOU ARE SERIOUS ABOUT HELPING GET THE PORTLAND LOL SCENE UP TO PAR. Right now, we are the laughing stock of the entire Esports Scene. I talk to a lot of the other industry insiders on a daily/weekly basis and they think Portland is so weak compared to Seattle, SF, LA, and SD. So come on, let's get our shit together, and I can get us a lot of support if we all just get serious. EMAIL ME. If we can get at least 20 people to RSVP for this, we can do it. I have done several Online LAN's in SoCal, with 100+ gamers in attendance, so finding 20 people should not be too difficult. EMAIL ME. Over the next several years I will be investing more time, and energy, and resources into this group, as well as working with my friends at Riot, and around the industry, to get us some cool stuff. IF YOU GUYS HELP. This means, getting your friends and family to come to our events, online, and IRL, and getting them excited about League. Spreading the word about Portland's League of Legends Community, and help to foster it's growth. Most of all, we need support from your wallets. We need you guys to pitch in so we can do some awesome stuff. I will PERSONALLY match what you guys can come up with, for our first major event. EMAIL. Okay, so right now just RSVP here, and post your available times and such. And of course, let me know if you can help out as a Moderator, Captain, Admin, Volunteer, Promoter, or Etc. Make sure you share it on FB, and Twitter, and whatever other social media app you kids are using these days. EMAIL. Again, make sure to post here, email me, and/or let us know what times would be good for you. I will slowly start to collect data from you guys, and use that to start organizing the best events and meets possible. NOT A SINGLE ONE OF YOU HAS EMAILED LOL. Best Regards, Slum [masked] PS, EMAIL ME.

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