• Making with Kids - PDX Maker Week

    Portland State University Engineering Building

    Makers make with their children. In fact, that's sometimes what re-ignites the Maker in us. This meetup will be about just that -- making with kids. Joe Grand (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joe_Grand) of Grand Idea Studio (http://www.grandideastudio.com) is a noted security expert, engineer, hacker and TV personality from Discovery Channel Prototype This! (http://www.discovery.com/tv-shows/other-shows/videos/other-shows-prototype-this-videos/) He'll have his kids (4 and 7 years old), and they'll showing and telling about what they make. To accommodate families, we've made the time a bit earlier than usual -- so, note the special time for this event. As usual, there will be time for networking. Bring yourself, and your kids if you'd like, and we'll look forward to seeing you at this PDX Maker Week edition of the PDX Makers Meetup! NOTE: To respect the privacy of our younger Makers, please no video or photography during this session. (and, the issue of security and minor Makers could be a really interesting one to discuss)

  • Continue Maker Faire 2016 Booth design

    Lab for Interconnected Devices, PSU

    A few of us came up with some great ideas during the first brainstorming meeting. This meeting is to continue the discussion, but by the end of this second meeting, we should have a plan (or, at least the start of a plan :) ). Anyway, even if you weren't at the first meetup, feel free to join this one and add your creativity and energy to pitch in! Bob

  • Brainstorm for Portland Mini Maker Faire Project

    Lab for Interconnected Devices, PSU

    As I mentioned in a separate email, PDX Makers/PDX Maker Week will have a booth at the Portland Mini Maker Faire. From that message: "Apart from individual Maker projects, we would like to have an ongoing interactive project at the booth during the Faire. AND, we’re looking for Makers to collaborate on designing and creating this. I have 105 ping-pong balls—maybe these can play a part. :) Of course, we only have a couple of weeks, which will go fast. But, sometimes, great pressure leads to great innovation." Anyway, this is a brainstorming/planning session. I'll bring the ping-pong balls.

  • Maker Think: Visualize the Perfect Makerspace

    Pacific Northwest College of Art

    We’re having a meetup. A Maker meetup. And, the fun part is you get to help Make something! Nandini (your co-organizer) and PNCA would like to hear your thoughts about the perfect Makerspace. SO, we’re going to spend a couple of hours “Maker Thinking” (kind of like Design Thinking, only better) to see what we come up with. It should be a fun hands-on experience with fellow Makers. And, it will be a blast! Of course, in addition to Maker Thinking, there will be an opportunity to meet and mingle with other Maker folk -- exchange stories and see what everyone’s up to. What could be better?! So, RSVP now. And, we’ll look forward to seeing you there!

  • Maker Faire PDX Preview +

    Pacific Northwest College of Art

    Hi All Makers! So, the time has come to kick this meetup off! The Portland Mini Maker Faire (https://www.omsi.edu/maker-faire-pdx) at OMSI is just around the corner (9/12-13). From what we've heard, the Faire is shaping up to be a GREAT one! And, PDX Makers is going to be there with a booth of its own. We've got a great lineup of projects and volunteers, and a stellar coordinator (Cynthia) keeping things in order. Of course, if you have a project you'd like to show/demo to passers by, or want to be there to talk to people about PDX Makers, there's still room on the booth schedule. Contact Cynthia @ [masked] to find out more. If you can't volunteer, but still plan to attend this year's Faire you can get $2 off using the code Maker15. This is good online, as well as at the door. That all said, we figured it was a great opportunity to have a first meetup to show you what we know about the Faire, and for those of you who are signed up at the booth, go into a little more detail about logistics, etc. If all of this wasn't exciting enough, we're very pleased that PNCA (http://www.pnca.edu) (Make+Think+Code) has agreed to sponsor our group and provide a meeting space in their awesome new home. And, Nandini Ranganathan, from PNCA has joined PDX Makers as a co-organizer. So, we hope to see you there on Wednesday. And, look forward to many more meetups in the future! Bob/Nandini, PDX Makrs Co-Organizers Cynthia, Booth Coordinator Extraordinaire