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What we’re about

Rustaceans unite! This group is for users and lovers of the Rust programming language who live (or just happen to be in) Portland, OR.

Want to speak? Get in touch here or email Speakers get asked:

• Preferred time slot, 30ish or 60ish minutes
• Talk title (short and to-the-point is better than long or obscure)

• Talk abstract (let the group know what to expect, why it's awesome, and whether they're experienced enough to benefit from showing up)
• Speaker bio -- just a sentence or two about what you've been doing with Rust, or anything else you want people to know about you, is fine.
We'll then find a meeting that works for your talk, and get you onto the meetup's busy schedule!

Join us in #pdxrust on and!forum/pdx-rust

We also have a matrix channel at