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Scion: Learn and play.

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Scion is an RPG developed by White Wolf currently in its first edition. The players take the role of Demigods who're often tasked by fate itself or their divine parentage to undergo tasks that the gods are unable to attend for a number of reasons. Or, at least, that's the easy way to put it. For those who've read it the setting is very similar to Neil Gaimans American gods, for those who haven't read it, go do that trust me.

The goal of this meetup is to introduce people to the Storyteller system(which I myself as still getting accustomed to) but also to Scion, and perhaps even roleplaying as a whole. I currently have a few pre-made characters, and I may make some more as well so that there is a bigger pool to chose from. If you would like to make a character yourself, email me ahead of time and I'll see what I can do - Character creation takes a few hours for new players, depending on if you have a certain character type in mind or not.

I've made a blog for the campaign and charactes, because I'm obsessive like that and have more free time on my hands then I'd like to admit. So, those not involved can follow the story and enjoy all the shenanigans.