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Inspired by TED talks, we seek to engage in PEP talks. Every month, we get together and we have an informal mini conference at a local venue (such as in a library room) in which we have informal peer speakers presenting specific topics that they themselves get to choose. Anyone can speak on any topic. We seek open mindedness and we only reveal what topics are being discussed at the actual conference. Being able to engage with the presenters is also part of the process. Questions and criticisms are essential for engaging and learning.

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PEP Talk: Third Meeting (Theme: Comparative Religion)

Albany Public Library

Hey guys so this is our third PEP Talk meeting. I decided to try something a little different this time. Some people discussed how they would like a theme in advance to know what the talks are going to be about. This PEP Talk is intended to focus on religion; I will start it off with a presentation of comparing the commonalities in all religions. After this, people are free to share their unique perspectives on religion, be it either from a perspective of faith, a perspective of history, a perspective of science, or a perspective of atheism (atheism is also welcome as it relates to religious experience). One can present broadly on religion or specific religious topics. Please note, the goal of this meeting is not to convert people to religion, but to gain an understanding and appreciation of people's unique perspectives on religion.

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PEP Talk: Second Meeting (Free Lunch Included)

Albany Public Library - Bach Branch

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