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"It seemed to me a superlative thing--to know the explanation of everything, why it comes to be, why it perishes, why it exists?" ~ Socrates

‘I cannot teach anybody anything, I can only make them think’ – Socrates

Philosophy comes from the Ancient Greek φιλοσοφία, or philosophia, philo- meaning "love" and -sophos, or "wisdom"; meaning "love of wisdom." This is the basis of our group name, PHILOSOPHY AND THE SEARCH FOR WISDOM.


We are a group of friends who enjoy these discussions over our Sunday morning coffee. Some will stay for lunch together after the meeting. Anyone can join.

If you like genuine philosophy with your Sunday morning coffee, this group is designed for those who desire an in-depth discussion of philosophical topics. You do not need a background in philosophy, just an inquiring mind and respect for the ideas and opinions of others.

$$$ - There is no cost to attend our meetings, however we sometimes ask for donations to help pay the cost of the meetup fees. We meet in a reserved room at a Dome Cafe where a wide range of food and drink can be purchased. The venue is on the rail line for those who use public transport. Please arrive on time, order your food/drink at the front counter and then join us in the reserved room.

Member rights: Every member has the right to state their opinion on a topic. Another member may present an opposing opinion, while respecting the right of each member to hold their own opinion. Comments and critiques must be about the topic and not directed at a member. We have a zero-tolerance policy on demeaning, offensive or abusive language or conduct towards other members. We are a civil and polite society of people.

We have 4 main guidelines –

1) The discussion is open and respectful:

Although you may feel very passionate about your ideas, others may not think the same way as you, thus you may challenge another member’s ideas but personal attacks are not allowed.

2) We are a discussion group not a therapy group:

We all have different life experiences which have influenced our perceptions, opinions and beliefs, and sometimes we will discuss topics which elicit strong emotions. Although some of us are trained counsellors, the point of the group is to discuss the topic of the day as objectively as possible and not to discuss particular personal issues. Having said that, many of our members find the discussions assist them to grow personally. Many ‘a-ha’ moments happen during or after the group discussion.

3) The facilitators decision is final

Please ensure that you abide by the decision of the facilitator regarding interjections, contributions and respectful communication. His/her job is to ensure that everyone who wants to contribute can do so, and to prevent members from hogging the floor. To facilitate discussion, we do allow short interjections.

4) Our sign up policy

Please only sign up for meetings which you know you can attend. We often have waitlists, as we restrict numbers to ensure a quality discussion. If you sign up, and then your plans change, please amend your rsvp promptly to allow other waitlisted members to attend. No shows are disrespectful to organisers and other members. If you have had two or more no-shows and there is a waitlist for a meeting, your rsvp will be amended to allow regular members to attend before you.

The group organisers cannot moderate all the online discussions and are not responsible for what is written. If you feel that comments are rude or inappropriate then please contact one of the organisers. Please be aware that the meetings are facilitated and often have a different perspective to the online discussions.

We are open to feedback, and also encourage suggestions for topics. In addition, members are welcome, and encouraged to host topics (however, if you only want to listen, that is ok too). The group is not about the organisers imparting wisdom, but is purely a forum for exchanging ideas.

Please join our philosophical society and share your contributions to our discussions.

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