What we're about

Berkshire's community-driven PHP User Group - a monthly meetup featuring speakers from a wide range of backgrounds and discussions on PHP technologies and toolings around it.


PHP Berkshire was created by the community for the community!

A user group that is organised by people from different jobs, backgrounds but with a commonality of PHP.

Founded in 2015, we meet once a month on the third Wednesday come rain or shine!

Every January we ask for topics people would like to discuss and we are always encouraging new people to try get up and share knowledge and experiences.

Please see our Topics page for the 2018 edition of this list (https://www.meetup.com/PHP-Berkshire/pages/25349297/2018_Topic_Requests/).

We are also contactable via Twitter (https://twitter.com/phpberks), and have a Slack chat channel (https://phpug.slack.com/messages/phpberks) on PHP.ug (https://php.ug/slackinvite).

Past events (46)

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