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Don't complain, watch your dashboard
It has been a while, so let's come together one more time. Ready? Here it goes! 19:30 Talk 1: Don't complain, suggest what's better - Dries De Roeck > It all started when I read a tweet by "moleitau", which stated "don't complain, suggest what's better". As time went by, I kept on revisiting this quote as it is so relevant in our current society. People are super good at complaining and nagging and do not automatically make the switch to suggesting, exploring or contributing to a possible solution. In 2017 I finally turned this quote into a sticker. Dries created a Kickstarter campaign, and started making this world a better place one sticker at a time. He will take some time to talk about the why and how, and how it might change our lives. 20:30 Talk 2: Building a realtime dashboard powered by Laravel and Vue - Freek Van der Herten > At Spatie we have a tv screen against the wall that displays a dashboard. That dashboard shows the tasks our team should be working on, important events in the near future, which music is playing at our office, and so on. It is built with Laravel and Vue, uses CSS grid and CSS vars, and is available as an open source project on GitHub. Freek is coming over to PHP Leuven to tell us how they did it, and how it turned out to be a good choice to go with Composer and Laravel. Thanks to AUSY, there will be pizza and drinks!!!


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