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PHP Sussex
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International House

Queens Rd · Brighton

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We're on the 2nd floor of International House, Queens Road.

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Join us for the October instalment of PHP Sussex!

We've been fortunate to have some brilliant talks in recent months. This is shaping up to continue that tradition!

Pete Heslop from Steadfast Collective will be joining us to deliver his talk, 'The Smart Creatives'.

‘How it works’ by Eric Schmidt describes a ‘smart creative’ as a person that doesn’t chase compensation; they pursue the ability to cause change and disrupt industries.

Through his experience of founding and running three digital businesses over eight years, Pete discovered that a critical element relating to the growth and success of the companies has been working with smart creatives. Teams thrive when these questioning and focused generalists catch the vision and run with it.

He'll share his experience of switching your thinking to become more ‘smart creative’ and explore how to spot, and then grow, smart creatives to their full potential.

Mark Bradley, Principal Software Engineer at Sainsbury's, will be presenting 'Test Driven Development: Dipping your toe into tests first'.

A keen protagonist of Test Driven Development, he launched his own screen cast, 'Testing All the Things' in the Spring, to teach the wider community how to practice Test Driven Development and Automated Testing.

During this talk, we'll explore the concepts of Test Driven Development; what is it, why should you use it and how to use it! We'll finish with a Mob Programming session where you can join in on 'TDD-ing' a simple piece of code.

For those of you that haven't been before, the format of the evening is usually:

18:30: Arrival
19:00: First talk
19:30: Pizza Face delivered
19:45: Pizza Face all gone!
20:00: Second Talk
20:30: Some people go home, whilst others will head to the Prince Albert. It's up to you!

As usual, we'll have a fridge full of beer and a smattering of soft drinks for you to tuck in to.

The talks are designed to be accessible and useful to all skill levels so all are welcome. Any questions or concerns, let us know. We're a friendly bunch!