Meetup II / 2018 - DEVOPS & AUTOMATION


Programm / Program

18:30 Uhr (06:30pm) - Doors Open

19:00 Uhr (07:00pm) - User group + Host Intro

19:30 Uhr (07:30pm) - Automating all the things (Main talk)

As your company is growing it is important to have an environment that scales. So spinning up dev environments, updating test systems, ensuring your code quality, running all your tests and releasing your software continuously won’t distract you from developing great applications. I will show you how to automate repetitive tasks and how to combine great automation tools like Jenkins, Ant and Ansible and make use of some handy PHP libraries, so you can focus on the things that matter: Writing great software.

By Sebastian Feldmann (

20:15 Uhr (08:15pm) - Short break

20:30 Uhr (08:30pm) - Automation with Ansible (Lightning talk)

Automatisierung? ANSIBLE - Einfach. Sicher. Zuverlässig.

Ansible ist ein Open-Source Werkzeug zur Automatisierung von Deployment-, Konfigurations- und Administrationsprozessen. Die Beschreibung der Aufgaben basiert auf YAML und Jinja Templates. Es lässt sich zudem in Verbindung mit Vagrant und Docker nutzen.

By Susann Sgorzaly (

21:15 Uhr (09:15pm) - Community + Socializing