Meetup VI / 2018 - GIT & Generators

Public group


Prager Strasse 2b 5. OG · Dresden

How to find us

Go to 5th floor with the elevator.

Location image of event venue


Programm / Program

18:30 Uhr (06:30pm) - Doors Open

19:00 Uhr (07:00pm) - User group + Host Intro

19:30 Uhr (07:30pm) - Mastering git – Insights & Tips & Tricks (Main Talk)

Git is a powerful source code management system and became the de facto standard for open source projects over the last couple of years. A lot of us are using it every day but are only scratching the surface of its potential. During this talk I will show you some git best practices, demystify some of its power features and share some tips and tricks from beginner to expert level.

By Sebastian Feldmann (@movetodevnull)

20:15 Uhr (08:15pm) - Short break

20:30 Uhr (08:30pm) - Marvelous Agents of Yield (Main Talk)

Generators and thus yield are part of PHP since version 5.5. Most of the time it is used as a substitution for a full iterator implementation.
But there is way more power to generators! This talk will try to unveil the hidden superpowers of interruptible loops, signals and corporative multitasking. Coincidental movie analogies included.

By Holger Woltersdorf (@hollodotme)

21:15 Uhr (09:15pm) - Community + Socializing