Meetup II / 2019 - OpenID • Legacy Migration • Business Metrics

Public group

Tyclipso GmbH

Grundstraße 1 · Dresden

How to find us

Use tram to Schillerplatz and walk over the Elbe bridge "Blaues Wunder" or use a BUS to Körnerplatz. The location is right beside the Standseilbahn in the former Sparkasse institute. Ground floor.

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Programm / Program

18:30 Uhr (06:30pm) - Doors Open

19:00 Uhr (07:00pm) - User group + Host Intro

19:30 Uhr (07:30pm) - OpenID Connect (Lightning talk)

Language: German

Man findet sie auf vielen Webseiten, die Login-Möglichkeiten über Google, Facebook oder Twitter. Der Vortrag geht kurz auf die dahinterliegenden Technologien und Protokolle OpenId Connect, OAuth, JWT und JWKS ein und wie die Integration für den Dienst SwissId realisiert wurde.

By Frank Hönisch (

20:00 Uhr (08:00pm) - Short break

20:15 Uhr (08:15pm) - Make Migration of Legacy Code Fun Again - from Years to Weeks (Lightning talk)

Language: English

By Tomáš Votruba (

Learn faster, earn better money and work on projects that are meaningful to you. I help programmers to unlock their inner powers, start believing in themselves and becoming 200 % productive with less wasted energy.

20:45 Uhr (08:45pm) - Short break

21:00 Uhr (09:00pm) - Business Metrics with PHP, Prometheus, Grafana & more (Lightning talk)

Language: German or English

We will show you how quick you can bring up a prometheus & grafana setup using docker(-compose) and how you can use PHP to feed it with business metrics from your applications and why you should do so. We will also mention other data sources and alerting APIs.

By Michael Grundkötter ( - CEO & Developer at ujamii smart solutions

and Holger Woltersdorf ( - CIO at FORTUNE SOLUTIONS

21:30 Uhr (09:15pm) - Community + Socializing