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Queen City PHP is a group of professionals and hobbyists alike interested in developing web applications with PHP. Our meetups generally occur on the second Monday of every month at 7PM.

Our mission is to encourage continuous learning and facilitate networking between Charlotte area developers.

Please check out the message boards for any job openings in the area.


website: http://qcphp.org
twitter: @qcphp
freenode irc: #qcphp

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Distributed PHP Processing with Gearman
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Gearman is an open source application framework originally written in Perl by Brad Fitzpatrick. Brian Aker and Eric Day rewrote the framework in C. Gearman is designed to distribute appropriate computer tasks to multiple computers, so large tasks can be done more quickly. In some cases, load balancing rather than raw speed may be the main goal; a Web server, for instance, could use Gearman to send tasks for which it is not optimized to another computer (which may be running on a different architecture, using another operating system, or loaded with a computer language better suited to a particular operation).

This presentation would cover an introduction to gearman, it's overall architecture, using the PHP gearman extension, starting a gearman job server with persistent job queue, and distributing PHP application tasks by setting up PHP client and worker processes.

An Intro to MongoDB with PHP
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Just like the title says. This presentation will contain an introductory overview of MongoDB as well as implementations with PHP.

Advanced Logging Techniques with Monolog
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The second line of defense beyond a well tested application is diligently logging throughout your application. Your log files are your saving grace in the event you find yourself having to debug erroneous code. In this presentation, we'll cover setting up and using Monolog as well as covering it's bells and whistles (handlers, formatters, processors, and utilities).

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