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BDD, Behat, Mink and other Wonderful Things

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This month, we have Ryan Weaver of KNPLabs who is the main author and core contributor to the Symfony2 Documentation coming down to talk about Behat and Mink. If you haven't had the opportunity to hear Ryan speak at any of the numerous conferences he has been a part of, do not miss this opportunity. This was by far my favorite presentation at Zend Con 2012 (objective, I know).

More about BDD and Behat:

Behavioral-Driven Development (BDD) will change the way you approach your technical issues. In this section, we'll learn all about Behat - the BDD framework for PHP - and how a culture of writing and emphasizing features can have a dramatic effect on meaningful productivity in your project. We'll learn how to write effective features and scenarios that not only clarify your tasks in a human-readable way, but which can be run as functional tests against your application. Specifically, we'll look at how you can integrate Behat and Mink (a web browser abstraction library) with your Zend Framework application so that you can translate human-readable features into real tests against your application.