Async PHP with React por Jeremy Mikola

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En la edición de noviembre contamos con un invitado de honor, nada más y nada menos que Jeremy Mikola ( desde New Jersey, que aprovechando que esta en la ciudad para la SymfonyCon ( le hemos enganchado para que venga a darnos una charla a nuestro grupo.

Descripción de la charla:

Event-driven programming is a familiar and useful tool for crafting client/server apps and asynchronous libraries. Akin to Node.js or Python's Twisted, React brings PHP up to speed with all of the necessary pieces in a well-packaged framework. This session will introduce the concept of event loops, non-blocking IO, and async programming in PHP, and explore ways it can serve in your technology stack.

Sobre Jeremy Mikola:

I split most of my development time between helping Derick ( and Hannes ( with the MongoDB PHP driver (, and working on Doctrine MongoDB ( and the ODM ( with Jon Wage (

ATENCIÓN: La charla será en Ingles