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PHP as a Social Activity is looking to provide you with a comfortable environment where you can probe the depths of PHP, explore new uses and possibilities, share your enthusiasm, and help build a stronger and more diverse community of developers.


Meet & Greet

PHPaaSA has a casual meetup each month on the third Thursday. This is a great time to share, make introductions, discuss past, current, and future projects, rally a cause for code, and make friends in a relaxed setting.

The Corner Workbench

Each month on the first Thursday we host a meetup focused more on expanding our toolboxes through presentations and a free formed Q&A. We seek to consistently provide new presentations, with a wide range of intelligible bite-sized topics, to help bridge the learning gap. While we may attempt to cover the whole gambit, we know we can't do it all and most certainly not without the help of our community. If there is a specific topic of interest, let us know; and if there is a topic you feel you could present, we'd be happy to arrange a presentation.

A large Thanks to the Tampa Hackerspace (http://www.meetup.com/Tampa-Hackerspace/) for their spacious location, enabling us to provide these classes for free.

Leadership Team

We are always seeking passionate people, interested in helping to build and mold a community of like-minded individuals, for the pursuit of knowledge and exploration. If you are interested in assisting (or becoming part of) the leadership team for PHP as a Social Activity, please contact me (http://www.meetup.com/PHPaaSA/message/?recipientId=2848401); we can discuss your level of desired involvement.

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