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For all professional PHP developers in Limburg. Raising the bar for PHP development in Limburg and surrounding places. Sharing knowledge with each other and learning from each other on several PHP development related subject like PHP frameworks, development tools, team development workflows and other techniques.

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Clean Code


Programmers often complain when reading someone else's code. If often seems that `other code` is very badly structured and readable in the eyes of the new maintainer. But software development is a professional trade since decades and many books have been published about code quality and maintainability. During the decades many insights have been gained how to create readable and maintainable code. This talk is a summary of many code quality books and provides a set of ground rules which I apply during my code reviews. Learn on method level how to avoid common pitfalls and how to make other maintainer like you (or dislike you less). Program: 18.00 - 19.00 - Gather around, grab some drink and food 19.00 - 20.30 - Presentation by Aron Beurskens 20.30 Time for some discussions and drinks. 21.30 Go home and apply newly learned stuff.



Van 18.00 tot 19.00 uur inloop met eten en drinken. Vanaf 19.00 uur zal Aron Beurskens jullie meenemen in het gebruik van Kubernetes m.b.t. hosting services.. Voordelen en valkuilen komen hierbij uitgebreid aan bod. 20.30 uur afsluiting met borrel. 21.30 uur einde.

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Agile Scrum in de praktijk


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