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Welcome to the Phoenix Philosophy Meetup Group! Our purpose is to discover the depths and joys of Life through our philosophical discussions, and to expand our members' mental horizons in a fun, harmonious setting. We discuss thought-provoking and mentally-stimulating topics in order to learn from one another about how philosophy can enrich our lives in ways we may have never thought possible! Our activities include discussions on topics relevant to today's world, classical philosophical inquiries, how the ideas of great philosophers from the past can be useful in the here and now, and how to empower ourselves by developing our reasoning skills. We are a non-profit, all-inclusive group that welcomes everyone with open arms!

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Read "The Unknown God" by Deirdre Carabine

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For our next session we will continue our reading of Deirdre Carabine's work "The Unknown God - Negative Theology in the Platonic Tradition, Plato to Eriugena". For this session we will be reading chapters 7, 8 and 9, on Philo of Alexandria, Gregory of Nyssa and Augustine. This takes us to the biblical tradition side of negative theology and the ways the previous Platonic tradition overlap with and influence that tradition.

There is an amazon link to the work below.

Besides continuity with our previous subject, this work may also address participant questions during our last topic about which parts of the Platonic tradition directly influenced traditional Christianity, rather than the Gnostics.

Here is an amazon link to the work -


We will spend 4 sessions overall on Deirdre's work, with our next being the third of the 4.

Newcomers are welcome; bring your questions.

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Read "The Unknown God" by Deirdre Carabine

Online event

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