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Read and discuss Kolakowski's "The Two Eyes of Spinoza" chapters 1-8
Our December session will continue our examination of Spinoza and related thought, this time via a secondary work from Kolakowski entitled "The Two Eyes of Spinoza", chapters 1-8. These cover Spinoza himself in the first 2 chapters, and others of the time in chapters 3-8 (Pierre Bayle, the Mennonites, Dutch mysticism and rationalism, Uriel da Costa, Pierre Gassendi, and an essay on Luther and his effects philosophy. We will hold off on the later chapters which are essays on other subjects entirely, on positivism, Marx, Heidegger, etc. An Amazon link to the work can be found here - As usual, newcomers are welcome; feel free to participate even if you can't do all of the reading ahead of time, and to ask questions from those of us who have.

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