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Read and discuss "God owes us nothing" by Leszek Kolakowski (on Pascal)
As discussed at the end of our last meeting, for our next work we will return to Polish philosopher Kolakowski, this time discussing Pascal and Jansenism, an interesting theological controversy in 17th century France that highlights many of the issues roiling Europe in that period from a unique perspective. The title of the work is "God owes us nothing", meant to express the view that Kolakowski is imputing to Pascal as a core distinguishing mark of Pascal's theological take on the problem of evil, grace, justification, free will etc. Kolakowski's own thesis is that in the course of this 17th century controversy, the Catholic church (pushed especially by a specific party within it) effectively denounced views traceable to Saint Augustine, in an effort to distinguish the church's position more sharply from Calvinist views. French Jansenist Catholics, including Pascal's sister, trying to adhere to their order's understanding of Augustine, were thereby caught in a kind of theological-party crossfire. I find the work fascinating because it shows an informed modern philosopher trying to be fair to all sides of this historical controversy, with a real understanding of the true philosophical issues (above all of free will and moral agency) at the root of the conflict. An Amazon link to our work can be found here - As usual, newcomers are welcome; feel free to participate even if you can't do all of the reading ahead of time, and to ask questions from those of us who have.

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